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Melbourne, Australia

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part of the Humanity's Thread group

Our Story

All of us who work in the wide range of pursuits aimed at creating a more peaceful world in which people have the opportunity to reach their potential know the toll this work can take.  Those of us who work in peacebuilding, community development, humanitarian aid, and the security and health sectors tend to place our own well being last.  We get fatigued, burnt out, leave the work we are passionate about, and are sometimes impacted by mental illness.

Space Melbourne is part of the Humanity’sThread network; a network of peacebuilders determined to restore balance and sustain peace workers.  Space Melbourne, formerly Illoura Peace Retreats, partners with Space Bangkok to both host and facilitate resilience retreats and convergence events.  Our unique model of facilitation nurtures, renews, reinvigorates and reconnects participants with their purpose through reflective practice and creativity.  Our model is flexible, and is about sustainable prevention from the potential personal impact of sustained service work.  We facilitate in many varied contexts, making our retreats and convergence events accessible to individuals and organisations.  We can design a retreat or event to suit the needs of you, or your organisation.

The Humanity’s Thread group are practice pioneers, leading this work internationally.  We draw on a large body of knowledge collected and tested by the Humanty’s Thread network.  We encourage you to think of where you are professionally and the impact of your work on yourself.  It may be timely to build your or your organisation’s resilience.  Prevention is far better than the personal impact and cost of broken people.

Charles Allen

Founder & Director

Policing has been Charles Allen’s career for 36 years and this lifetime of service has not tarnished his want to serve the community.  Charles has been leading change in policing models, helping police become social leaders within their communities.  He has led small and large teams through the preparation, response, and recovery phases for both natural and man-made disasters, including wildfires, floods, terrorist incidents, and vehicle-borne attacks. 


He draws on his experience, training, Master’s in Leadership from Monash University, personal resilience, care for his teams, and ability to lead through difficult circumstances. 

Charles’ organisation, Space Melbourne, has been facilitating resilience retreats in partnership with Space Bangkok for the past 3 years.  Space Bangkok and Space Melbourne are part of the Humanity’s Thread community of practice.  This community of practice is pioneering resilience building among peacebuilders to help them sustain themselves within their peacebuilding industries.

Charles is also a Rotary Peace Fellow alumnus (Chulalongkorn University 2010), studied human rights at Curtin University, and has sat as a director and deputy chair for various not-for-profit boards.  He has worked extensively across diverse communities, including Aboriginal communities, people living with disabilities and mental health challenges, LGBTI and multicultural communities, and seniors and youth. His essential indulgences include playing guitar, journaling, song writing, making delicious and healthy food, growing food, connecting with country, and listening to people’s stories. Every day is a school day.