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What are Resilience Retreats?

Feel like you are losing the spark of creativity, inspiration, or innovation? Wondering how to take care of yourself while dedicating yourself to serving others? Faced with a problem you know can be solved but at a loss about how to find that creative solution?

Resilience Retreats acknowledge the personal challenges and impacts of ongoing humanitarian service and peace work. They restore balance by reinvigorating, renewing, and reconnecting people with their creativity. We create the presence and place for your reflection so you can continue to remain focused, engaged, and renewed. Check out what people are saying about our past retreats.


Space Bangkok can tailor a resilience retreat for your organization or colleagues.  Interested?  Contact us to start a conversation:

Listen to John Paul Lederach describe his experience with the reflective practice of woodworking and the gift of aimless time:

John Paul Lederach on the gift of aimless time -
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25 - 29 April 2019 (Australia)

7-11 November 2019 (Thailand)

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What are
Resilience & Reflective Practice all about?
Resilience is not in how you push through, it is in how you recover.

Reflective practices are part of how we recover.  While too often ignored, they are essential to our wellbeing and growth as individuals and professionals working in challenging contexts.  Reflective practices actively engage the intentional journey inside ourselves while also holding the secrets to nurturing innovation and creativity.  While they vary widely in scope, some of the best reflective activities are those that occupy the hands, body, and brain enough to allow the mind to wander.  With a focus on reflecting forward, Space Bangkok explores the use of these vehicles as regular practice in every day life.  Explore more thoughts on reflective practice on our blog.

Resilience retreats are not training workshops.  You will not sit and listen to the latest theories.  The ‘classroom’ will be the places where conversations unfold.  It will be the green spaces and ancient ruins where you walk.  It will be around the table as food and experiences are shared.  It will be the quiet spaces of reflection as you hear the journeys of others and perhaps listen to your own stories in ways you hadn’t anticipated.  It will be through remembering the faces of the people you’ve worked alongside, the voices of those who have guided you, and the memories of those moments you return to when you feel lost.  It will be in the wisdom of pressing pause on the constant chatter in your mind and observing what emerges from the silence.  It will be through new ways of exploring the paths you’ve been on and the paths that may lie ahead.