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Comments from Past Retreats

"I was able to experience the power and residual benefits of what you create within these peace retreats. Loved the sense of community, the nurturing, the sharing of meals around a big table.  Immersing myself in wood, tools, nature, billy tea and scones was wonderful.  It was GREAT getting back to fun, creative, natural and simple things – the talking stick activity was particularly memorable for me.  It pulled up some of my well-hidden childhood exuberance."

"Thank you for a very successful retreat and the space it provided for reflection, relaxation, and rest in a very beautiful setting.   Beginning with morning tea over a fire in the open set the tone for the next few days.   The poetry and haiku required some internal searching whilst working with wood was relaxing.   Sharing music,  the long walks by the beach, the introspection, and not to forget the wonderful food and wine and evening chats made it all very memorable.   It was a privilege to share with others their world view and work."

"Thank you from the bottom of my newly filled ‘well spring’!  The accommodation and our environment was just spectacular – and the incredible participants – I am so inspired by everyone!  I truly felt that I was in the presence of greatness – strong, intelligent, compassionate, resourceful, and creative.  I’ve found my people."

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend where you gave us the space to plan our ‘next  moves’. Life gets very busy and it is nice to get away from ‘the hum drum’ and participate in activities that allow you to create a new you. It was great to meet a group of like-minded people who are on their own journey. I loved the opportunity to get into nature and walk and talk and share meaningful ideas. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the retreats, I would encourage anyone to make the time and be involved."

“I feel I am in two worlds at once and in the process of moving on from one and into the next.  I feel I’m moving into my future and I’m reconciling where I am and where I am heading. I have an immense sense of possibility. I have deep gratitude for the hospitality, the connection to nature, and the retained calmness throughout the retreat. I never felt rushed."

“I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but I am so thankful of the opportunity. I feel this has been a full body experience, head, heart and hand. I also found this a an environment of trust where I could relax. I loved the connection to nature and being grounded in activity."

“I’m a very tactile person. I like to be able to see, touch and understand what I’m doing. With this retreat I had no idea what to expect which was somewhat disconcerting.  I lead a very busy life, and I like it this way.  I trusted the facilitators and this forced me to do nothing. It forced me to think about me and journal about me. This was very foreign to me, but I know I should make the time and I have experienced the benefit of making the time."

“I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and almost didn’t come. I’m so glad I came. I met magnificent people and did some new things which I am really excited about sharing with my son. Most importantly I learnt things about myself."

“I did not really know what I was getting into but I trusted the facilitators. This trust was allowed to emerge without expectation.  I thank the facilitators for creating this trust."

“I am still sitting with it and allowing thoughts to just bubble up when they are ready.  To me that just confirms how the [facilitators] were able to create a safe place for some very deep work.  Their presence and direction with the program was always there even with all our little eccentricities.  I thought the love they expressed in the food they prepared for us was a constant throughout the retreat. Their service to us was given generously withholding (with us and holding us) any ego on their part.”

“Many thanks for serving us while we were at the retreat.  It took me a while to understand that it was fine to be served and that was what you wanted…it really made it such a retreat for me.  I am walking around reflecting a lot more when I see the backs of my children’s heads or the towers of Melbourne.”

"I really thought that the retreat was excellent. It provided the space for peace workers to better connect with their own inner thoughts and feelings regarding their own personal peace. This I thought was excellent, too often we focus on our trauma, rather than our own inner places of peace."

“Thanks for the retreat. It was very refreshing and heartening and it was lovely to spend some time with you and the others.”

“I am trusting that the sparks of creativity and innovation that were ignited in the retreat will expand and spread in unexpected and wonderful ways.  I feel such a connection with everyone in the group and so honoured to have heard your stories and your profound experiences.”